About Cross Generations Church’s Pastor Bob and Debbie Gerstenberger

Mac on Moody and Pastor Bob

Mac on Moody and Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob Gerstenberger is the lead Pastor of Cross Generations Church.   While ministering to children in Indianapolis IN, Pastor Bob started to realize that heart change in children will cause them to seek after God.  Heart change only occurs when parents are teaching their children through word and deed.  The parent uses every opportunity they can to teach about a relationship with Christ with devotional times as well as life experiences.  Children need to see their parents worshiping God so they will follow by example.  This does not happen unless they are worshiping together in a service.  Parents now know what their children are learning and they can add to the learning all week long at home spending time “Mentoring their children to Know God”.

As Pastor Bob began to dream about this concept he wondered, “What is wrong with Family worship teams?”  Families actually leading in worship not as just adults, youth or children separately, but together.   Family choir, family greeters, family tech people, family prayer teams all ministries can be served as a family rather then segregating segments by ages.

Pastor Bob told his wife, Debbie about this concept. Pastor Bob and Debbie eventually sold their home, bought a motor home and asked God to show them where they were suppose to start this church.  While living in the motor home, God clearly started speaking to Debbie about Franklin TN.  While living at their district camp ground during the month of July, Franklin started to appear everywhere.  It was like a glowing sign that Pastor Bob and Debbie were suppose to go to Franklin TN.  They drove to Franklin in August 2006 and just prayed about starting a church there.  God finally told Bob and Debbie to find a place to live.  Without a job, God opened up a town home for Pastor Bob and Debbie to buy and they moved into it in November of 2006 and began the process of planting Cross Generations Church.

Debbie has an extreme love for mothers of pre school children.  Debbie has always been involved in teaching classes to these preschool mothers.  Her classes were more like mentoring groups, rather then formal classes.  Debbie feels that a preschool mother needs pampering because she has a difficult job.  So, Dad’s stayed home with the kids while Mom had a night off with other women.  They called the group MOMS  Mothers of Miniature Saints.  Not everything Debbie taught was spiritual but a relationship with God was always the underlying principle that Debbie was communicating to her MOMS group.  Debbie was definitely Mentoring these MOMS to be better MOMS, wives and growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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