What are Spirit Filled Family Integrated Churches?


Cross Generations Church is a Spirit Filled, Family Integrated church.  People ask me all the time, what a Spirit Filled, Family Integrated church is.  Let me define it in some steps.

A “Spirit Filled Church” means many things to many people.  Some people believe they are “Spirit Filled” when they do not even believe in being filled with the Spirit.  Some hear the word “Spirit Filled” and believe that we actually handle snakes in the service.

History of Spirit Baptism:

There are five beliefs in the church about being a “Spirit Filled Church”: Holiness believers equated it to sanctification which is a second work of Grace.

Calvinists believed it was one act when you were saved you were immediately spirit Filled.

Revivalists saw it as a second work that provided power to help believers witness to others.

Charles Finny taught that Spirit baptism enhanced holiness and invigorated Christians for ministry.

Keswickians saw the “Fullness of the Spirit” was to empower the Christian to live the Christian life.

So, what does “Spirit Filled” mean when referring to Cross Generations Spirit filled, Family Integrated Church?

Cross Generations Church believes that being Spirit Filled is when you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, speak to you, guide you and direct you.   In Acts it is very clear that the evidence of being Spirit filled is Speaking in tongues Act 19:1-9 NIV  Living a “Spirit filled life” is actually being a servant to the Holy Spirit and dying to self Romans 12:1.  Many Spiritual gifts will occur when you die to self and humbly bow to the leading of the Holy Spirit:  healing, prophesy, spiritual discernment and other manifestations.  We are non apologetic about being Spirit Filled and living a Spirit Filled Life.

When I meet people in Franklin, TN I am often asked “What is  a Family Integrated Church?”.  A family integrated church is where the family all attend one service.  Pastor Bob has an ability to communicate the Word of God in such a way that young children and adults feel challenged by God’s Word.  Young and Old deal with accepting God’s Grace, sin and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

George Barna makes says that Evangelical College Students are dropping away from Church and their faith.  The problem is not the church but the parents who drop their children off on Sunday and never “Mentor their Children to Know God from the heart”.    Winning the heart of your child for God is to use each teachable moment to teach your children about their relationship with God.

We desire to give you tools for not only you to grow in your relationship with God but for you to lead your children in their relationship with God.  Join us and let us link arms with you to help you “Mentor Generations to Know God!”

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